Amazing Facts About Animals

Amazing Facts About Animals

Welcome to our website, is one of many websites that presents unique facts about many things in this world, a variety of unique facts start from the animal, the world and the human are all in this website. And as a welcome greeting to our website, the following are some of the unique and amazing facts about the animals that live in this world. you will be amazed.

Amazing Facts About Animals

Amazing Facts About Animals

Here are some interesting facts from a number of animals on this planet. here they are..:

1. Blue Whale.

Did you know about the blue whale? The blue whale is an animal that has the loudest voice on this planet, it is put forward by the Scientists. The sound of a blue whale was recorded louder than the sound of the Harley davidson, the sound of a rock concert and the sound of a bomb explosion. The sound of a blue whale is almost 180 decibels. Equivalent to one million times the sound of jet engines. The blue whale heart beats 9 times in a minute.

2. Donkey

Donkey’s ayes actually has the ability to see all of it four feet at anytime times. (Hence the donkey does not need a mirror)

3. Crocodile

Interesting facts from the crocodile, it is will never be toothless. It was because of the missing teeth in a crocodile will always be replaced by new teeth and another fact is that the crocodile can not sticking it tongue out.

4. Cockroaches

This small animal by most people considered as the most disgusting animal in the world, but do you know that it has the smallest species named Attaphila fungicola coming from North America. Which only has a length of 3 mm which is only slightly longer than the red ants. Interestingly though the head of the cockroach has disappeared or decapitated,it is still be able to survive for some time and strangely it can survive withour any food but by eating the others.

5. Seahorses

Seahorses are very adorable animals, we all know that. Interestingly, the male seahorse will become pregnant, not the females. It also has a bag of seed that is used as a place to store the eggs that were given by the female.

6. Tigers

Family of the “Big Cats”. Actually the tiger’s brindle not only in the fur, but also in its skin. Another surprising fact is,usualy the tiger afraid of dogs.

7. Scorpions

Scorpions would die after doused by using vinegar. After doused by vinegar,it will be angry and scorpion sting itself.

8. Giraffes

Giraffes are an animals which have the longest neck. The length of the animal’s neck reaches 8 feet. Giraffes can survive for long time without water.

9. Ants

Ants can lift a load that is 50 times heavier than its size. Ant always falls tilted to right if given insecticide.

10. Cats


Some facts about cats are, it sweats through the palms of its hands, the cat has never tasted the sweetness, cat’s jaws can not move to the left and to the right, the cat could make 100 vocal sounds, while dogs only capable of 10 vocal sounds. Cat has 32 muscles in each earlobe, and cat’s pee will sparkle when exposed to the black light (you can prove it if you really have a time to do it, but really?? ). Cats hate the smell of the lemon and anything that smells like citrus

11. Rats

Rats have a very rapid breeding cycle within 18 months. For example, the two Rats be able to have almost one million offspring. Rats and horses include animals that can not vomit. Another spesies like hamsters like to eat cicada.

12. Horses


Wow, actually the horse’s bones are 18 times more than human. Another fact about horses, it is included in the category of animals that can not vomit

13. Insects

80 percent of all animals in this world are insects.

14. Elephant

With a big.. big body, elephants including an animals that can not jump, it may be too weight. Elephants have a very short time to sleep which are only 2 hours in a day.

15. Ostrich

To boil an ostrich’s eggs you need a quite a long time which is more than 40 minutes. And the size of ostrich eye is bigger than its brain.

16. Pig

Pigs including in an animals that can not look to the sky, pigs can not sweat because it does not have a sweat glands. So to cool down its body, they often soaking in the mud.

17. Hippo

When opening the mouth, it looks very wide. Because of the width of the mouth, the child with a height of 1.3 m can stand in the open mouth. And you know what, the hippo is always fart through their mouth.

You can watch this video

 Credit Video By Kenyanfun on YouTube

18. Hedgehog

This prickly animals have fingerprints like humans. The heartbeat of a hedgehog in a minute is 300 times. It turns out that the prickly animals have the ability to float on water.

19. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes have sharp detection, Mosquitoes prefer in children than adults, and mosquitoes are more attracted to the color like blue an black than the other colors

20. Camel

Interesting facts from the camel, it has three pieces of the eyelid, may be it very useful to prevent from get smth. in the eye because their habitat is in the desert.

21. Bears

The fact that an adult bear can run as fast as a horse. All polar bears are left-handed. polar bear skin is actually black, translucent colored feathers, and appeared like a white in the snow. Polar bears can run almost 50km / h and jump up to 4 meters in the air.

22. Sharks

The factis that the shark lost more than 6000 pieces of its teeth every year, and grow new teeth within 24 hours. Animals are also well-known has a strong immune to disease, especially cancer.

23. Bats

This nocturnal animals are the only mammals that can fly. Most unique fact that everytime its out the cave where he lives bats always turn to left.

24. Butterflies

The animals with the original name “Flutterby ” , can be viewed using 1200 eyes. And the location of the sense of taste on butterflies at his feet. Making it easier for butterflies when it detects the presence of nectar.